Save the Hummus!

I, the undersigned, demand that George Mason University reject SAIA's efforts to remove Sabra Hummus from our campus dining options and keep it available for all students, faculty, staff, and guests to enjoy—perhaps on a pretzel, some celery or carrots, on a nice warm piece of pita bread, or even by itself on a spoon—but, in any event, fully stocked and available for years to come.


Campus Dining's job is to serve meals, not politicize our snacks. George Mason's campus should remain policy-free as a place where all students have the freedom to choose their own snacks, no matter their personal preferences. To remove Sabra Hummus from our campus dining would deprive the men and women of GMU of the most delicious tasting hummus in the world (proven fact!). Sign here to say My Snack, My Choice! Keep Sabra on the shelves!